Health and learning go hand-in-hand: better prospects for children’s education and future 29.08.2016 – GIZ's Fit for School programme supports ministries of education across South-East Asia in improving hygiene in schools and facilitating a healthy environment for learning.
Sustainable rehabilitation: Lviv’s historic Old City gets a facelift 24.08.2016 – For a long time, Lviv’s Old City was left to ruin. GIZ is training craftspeople to comprehensively rehabilitate the historic buildings.
Green energy generation – Brazil banks on solar and biogas 23.08.2016 – Brazil wants to use alternative sources, such as the sun, to generate more energy. GIZ is supporting the country in promoting solar technology.
Brazil: How GIZ protects endangered tropical forests 16.08.2016 – Brazil’s tropical forests serve as habitats for countless flora and fauna species and as a vital global carbon sink. On behalf of BMZ and BMUB, GIZ is promoting the conservation of these valuable areas.
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